This is the required legal liability wavier that must be signed and returned via email, text or in person prior to any hunting 

activities commencing.  The physical wavier must be handed to your guide before entering the ranch.

Please  print, complete and return the signed document.  If no wavier has been completed at the time or arrival at the ranch one must  to be completed for all those entering the property.  Refusal to complete the wavier will constitute a forfeit of the hunt.


Choose your Trophy

Mouflon Ram

The European mouflon is the westernmost and smallest sub species of the mouflon . It was originally found only on the Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Sardinia , but has since been introduced into many other regions of Europe. The European mouflon has a smooth hairy coat , the rams are fox red in the summer , usually with a whitish saddle patch but are darker in the winter . The rams have helix shaped horns up to 80cm long . One of the nicest mounts you can get and would compliment any trophy room very nicely

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Painted Ram

Painted desert sheep originated on Texas game ranches by crossing Mouflon with Rambouillet, Merino and Texas black-belly . The coloured varieties of the Merino and “Rambo” sheep produced hybrid, spotted individuals first called “ parti-dolls” the unique term “ painted desert “ was soon coined by hunters wishing to add this colourful sheep to their trophy rooms . It is a nicely coloured sheep with a slick smooth hair coat . Mature rams should have large uniform horns with a full mane and a bib . These too make very nice mounts

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Barbados (corsican) Ram

Barbados(Corsican) rams are a hybrid sheep that originated in Texas around the same time as the Texas dall sheep . The Corsican is a diverse species generally brown in color with a black or white underbelly , they can also have a long beard or “ ruff “. The horn will be tight curled or you may find a wide flare . These rams make very nice mounts

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Texas Dall Sheep

The Texas Dall sheep is actually a hybrid breed developed specifically for hunting. They are a cross between a Mouflon and Rambouillet sheep. they give similar characteristic to the Corsican sheep such as the Barbados but have characteristics that set them apart from all other sheep, the main being their pure white or cream colored coats. their horn growth and shape can be varied from the high and wide of the mouflon to the tight and flaring curls of the Rambouillet rams.

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Heritage Mrium Turkeys

These birds are breed for the agriculture market. There are several different breeds and colors so the varity of plumage colors is awesome. These birds grow to be very large birds ranging from 15-40 pounds if they are allowed to develop.

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About Us

So here is a little about us,  Jeff and I worked together for a while few years and  then we went separate paths but still hunted together every season we were able.  This has always been a something we had talked about but never had the means to get it off the ground.  However with some determination and some tech skills we are now reaching for our dreams.

Jeff has grown up in this area like myself has hunted and fished since he was a kid. I am from Newfoundland and have done the same there even as a young kid.

Here at JP Hunting Adventures our mission is to provide an exceptional hunting experience that allows hunters, both lifelong as well as those new to the sport, to enjoy the thrill of hunting here in the wilds of Alberta. Our belief is everyone should be able to hunt if they wish. All hunts are completed with the most ethical and humane methodology and with the utmost respect for the animals we hunt. We look forward to seeing you all and remember here at JP Hunting Adventures you come in as a hunter but you leave as a friend.

We look forward to seeing your trophy picture soon.
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